Hojjat al-Islam Farhoudi: Islamic medicine in Iran and the world has a history of thousands of years

Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimeen Mr. Farhoudi, an expert and specialist in Islamic medicine, said about the importance of Islamic medicine: Islamic medicine has a history of thousands of years in Iran and the world

This professor of Qom seminary said about the importance of Islamic medicine and its history that due to humanity’s need for treatment and health and man’s interest in longevity, medicine (medicine and pharmacy) was one of the first human sciences and his constant companion. In the distant past, when there were no writing and books and science was transmitted verbally, in order to treat patients and use people’s experiences, patients were placed next to the main routes of the city and they asked passers-by for guidance on ways to treat this type of disease. Everyone gave a recommendation based on their information and experience and left. With the passage of time, some people became interested in this topic and began to collect this information and research and expand it, thus the first sciences in medicine were formed. The people of China and Japan believe that the history of medicine in their land goes back to thousands of years before Christ. In India, medicine has a long history, but it is full of superstitions. Likewise, the science of medicine has been scattered and sometimes forgotten in Iran, Egypt, India, Japan, China and other parts of the world for thousands of years

They continued their words and said

At the end of the 3rd lunar century, Galen’s medical system formed the basis of almost all medical scientific topics of the Islamic period

In this period, a new type of medical writings emerged, which was called al-Tab al-Nabi, and the purpose of its compilation was to provide another way against the existing medical systems, which were exclusively based on Greek medicine

The authors of these types of writings were more religious scholars than doctors

Although Al-Nabi medicine was initially proposed as an alternative to Greek medicine, later scholars such as Al-Dhahabi tried to combine Arabic-Islamic medicine with Greek medicine. Therefore, this group of Muslim thinkers have cited the teachings of Hippocrates and Galen in addition to Muslim doctors

But on the other hand, almost all the treatment methods presented by thinkers like Jalaluddin Siyuti are based on medical knowledge at the time of the Holy Prophet, which is based on him. Quran, Prophet's tradition, hadiths narrated from him and common treatment methods.

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